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"EVENING" BAG (Find the matching hat on Accessories page)

MATERIALS: J. & P. Coats Metallic Knit-Cro-Sheen, 5 100-yard balls.  Steel crochet hook No. 0. Four 1" plastic rings..
GAUGE: 6 sc = 1" 7 rnds = 1" (double strand).
Note: Use 2 strands held tog throughout.

BAG: Beg at center bottom, with 2 strands, ch 4.  Join with sl st to form ring.
RND 1: Ch 1, 6 sc in ring.  Join each rnd with sl st infirst sc.
RND 2: Ch 1, 2 sc in each sc.
RND 3: Ch 1, sc in first sc, 2 sc in next sc, * sc in next sc, 2 sc in next sc, repeat from * around.
RND 4: Ch 1, sc in first sc, 2 sc in next sc, * sc in next 2 sc, 2 sc in next sc, repeat from * around - 24 sc.
RNDS 5-20:  Work as for rnd 4, working 1 more sc between incs each rnd - 120 sc on rnd 20.
Work even in sc until bag is 8" in length.

RND 1:
Sl st in first 6 sc, ch 1, sc in next 48 sc.  Sl stin in first sc of rnd, fold 12 skipped sts in back for pleast - 96 sc.  Working in back lps only, work even in sc for 3 rnds.  Join; end off.  Sew top edges of each pleat tog.

RING (make 4): With double strand, work 22 sc over ring.  Join; leave end for sewing.

(make 2): With double strand, ch 75.
RND 1: Sc in 2nd ch from hook and in each ch, 3 sc in last ch; working along opposite side of starting ch, sc in each ch, 2 sc in same ch as first sc was made. Join.
RND 2: Ch 1, working in back lp only, sc in each sc around, 3 sc in center st of each 3-sc group.  Join; end off.

FINISHING: Fold each end of a handle over a ring.  Sew a handle and 2 rings to each side of bag. Make a button, sew to bottom of bag.
Button: Work as for bag through rnd 3.  Work 2 rnds even. Working over button mold, * pull up a lp in each of next 2 sc, yo and through all lps on hook, repeat from * around.  End off; leave end for sewing.  Draw end through top of each st on last rnd, pull sts tog; fasten securely.

* From McCall's Crochet It! (mid-70's, no date given.)