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*Don't know how to do hairpin lace? Go here!

Materials: Adjustable hairpin lace loom (3 inch loom), Crochet Hook J or 10, worsted weight yarn (12 ounces), pom-pon maker.

Gauge: 3 sc = 1 inch at center of strip.

Yarn is used double.  Each loop has two strands of yarn but is still called a single loop.

HAT: Make hairpin lace strips as follows:
        1 strip of 30 loops
        2 strips of 60 loops
        2 strips of 90 loops

FIRST STRIP: (30 loops) Thread a piece of yarn through all loops on one side of strip and tie yarn tightly forming a circle.  Attach ends at center of strip together.  Attach second strip (60 lps) by pulling 2 lps of second strip through 1 lp of first strip with  crochet hook, 1 lp of first through 2 lps of second, until all loops are joined.  Fasten end, and sew center ends of strip together.  Starting each strip in a different place, join 3rd strip (90 lps) by pulling 2 lps of second strip through 3 lps of third, and 3 lps of third through 2 lps of second, all around.  Fasten.  Join fourth strip (90 lps) by pulling 3 lps through 3 lps, all around.  Fasten. Join 5th strip (60 lps) by pulling 3 lps of fourth through 2 lps of fifth, and 2 lps of fifth through 3 lps of the fourth, all around.  Fasten.

To finish last strip, pull 2 lps through 2 lps all around.  Fasten off.  With J-10 crochet hook and yarn used double, work around edge of tam as follows:  Work 45 sc around.  Join with a slip stitch.  Work two more rows of single crochet, stitch for stitch.  Fasten off.  Make a large pom-pon with a pom-pon maker and attach to top of tam.

SCARF: Make 4 strips each of 150 loops.  Lay 2 strips side by side on a table.  Keep in mind that each loop has two strands of yarn but is still called a single loop.  Put crochet hook through first 2 lps on first strip.  Now put hook through first 2 lps on second strip and pull them through the 2 lps already on hook. With these 2 lps still on hook, pick up the next 2 lps on first strip and pull them through.  Continue in this manner, alternating first and second strips, until all loops have been worked.  Fasten off as shown in basic directions.  Join 3rd to 2nd and 4th to 3rd strip in same manner as above.  Finish outisde edges by pulling 2 lps through 2 lps all the way to the top.

TO MAKE FRINGE: Wrap yarn around a six-inch cardboard 96 times.  Cut at one end.  Each piece should measure 12 inches.  Take 6 strand and fold them in half.  Pull folded end through work with crochet hook, drawing it through about 2 inches.  Then pull the 12 loose ends through this loop, and pull until knot is formed.  Space them - 2 at each end of the strip, making 8 at each end.  Scarf may be made wider by adding more strips.

* From a magazine called "Discover the Excitement of Hairpin Lace", Book 17600. Appears to be late 60's, no date given.